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Cultural Resources Survey

Date posted: October 11, 2019

Requesting Organization: Bona Fide Bellevue (BFB)*

Budget: $15,000 as a 50/50 match: BFB/ Keystone Historic Preservation Planning grant (

Deadline for RFP submission: November 30, 2019

Submit to:

Consultant Requirements

  • Meet the scope of work and timeline of this proposal
  • Experience in completing historic resource surveys in PA within 5 years
  • Ability to generate survey data compatible with CRGIS
  • Seek assistance from the PA SHPO to use the Survey123 data collection app
  • Previously certified or available to attend training in Harrisburg as required for compliance with Keystone grant requirements
  • Willing to collaborate closely with Bona Fide Bellevue board, volunteers and local experts
  • Document compliance with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and the Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Act, where applicable
  • Ability to provide final work products digitally
  • Provide 2 copies of all hard copy work products (i.e. maps, photographs, etc.) 
  • Provide digital version (pdf) of draft and final Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form (HRSF) plus 2 hard copies 
  • Free of conflict of interest

Background Data

Bona Fide Bellevue proposes to complete a comprehensive historic resource inventory of the Borough of Bellevue in Allegheny County, PA. The Borough consists of a 1.12 square mile area to the west of Pittsburgh, PA, just North of the Ohio River. (Maps on pages 1, 2 & 5 of the “5_photos” document.)

Bellevue was incorporated on September 7, 1867. A construction boom followed the 1892 completion of a streetcar line by the Allegheny and Bellevue Street Railways Company, making the town very attractive to middle class commuters working in Pittsburgh and Allegheny. From 1892 through the 1920s, hundreds of Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman houses were built throughout the borough. (Photo examples available upon request. More detailed history is found here:

Bellevue has 2,809 total properties, including 2,600 total buildings. Of those buildings, approximately 1,200 are over 100 years old and most were constructed before World War II. Large sections of the borough possess high levels of integrity and visual cohesiveness with few modern intrusions and only minor alterations to individual buildings and landscapes. A volunteer-led Historic Plaque Program was completed by Bona Fide Bellevue during the 2016 sesquicentennial celebration. 730 building were designated as “historic” for maintaining a balance of architectural integrity and significance. An excel spreadsheet of their data/buildings will be made available (including address and County-estimated construction date). To date there has never been a systematic effort to identify National Register-eligible districts and individual properties in the borough. Several individual properties have achieved historical recognition:

National Register of Historic Places(Key #/Inventory ID) Status
Davis Island Lock & Dam Site   (001734/713) Listed
Miller, Andrew S. & Elizabeth, House (007868/7847)Listed 2/2019
Rousseau, Marius, House(007900/7879)Nomination Pending
Northgate Grant School   (096119/96023)Eligible
Bellevue Borough Hall  (101775/101675)Eligible
Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF)
Andrew Bayne House 
Andrew Bayne Public Library
Marius Rousseau House 
Private residence
Andrew S. Miller House –
366 Lincoln Avenue- built 1902.
Revival on Lincoln Restaurant
Local Historic Plaque Program
179 purchased plaques

Anticipated number of resources to be evaluated by hired: 2,600

Estimated outcome based on current partial research and limited knowledge, upon which the survey should expound:

Bona Fide Bellevue Historic Plaque Program730730Local survey
Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation320Application – 1 yr
National Register of Historic Places210Significant 
National Historic Districts02Intensive

Goals and Methodology

The goals of the proposed project are to:
1) compile a comprehensive inventory of all pre-1940 buildings in the borough and
2) to identify potential National Register-eligible historic districts and individual properties.

The 1940 cut-off date is based on the developmental history of the borough, which has resulted in a predominantly pre-World War II built environment, as well as the existence of a 1940 G.M. Hopkins atlas of the borough facilitating identification in that era. The project is conceived as the first stage in a multi-stage effort, which will continue as funding becomes available. Detailed evaluations of National Register eligibility, including assessment of contributing and noncontributing buildings in a potential historic district, would be performed in a future phase of work.

The completed inventory will provide a basis for identifying properties that could fall under a future proposal for a Borough historic preservation ordinance. 

The work product will consist of a draft and final Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form (HRSF) which includes a narrative description and historic context for Bellevue Borough; tax parcel and/or Google Earth satellite photo mapping and photographs of representative streetscapes notable buildings, all surveyed resources, and potential historic districts; summary of survey results and recommendations. Survey data will be entered into a database that includes descriptive information regarding building age, form, style, and integrity, as well as photographic documentation of all surveyed resources. Data will be provided to the PHMC in a format suitable for inclusion in its CRGIS database.

The following tasks will be completed and are referred to in the subsequent Schedule:

  1. PHASE 1 – Background research and historic context development

The project will enlist the expertise of a professional consultant. 

  • PHASE 2 – Field survey

The project will review and synthesize the body of existing data collected by community volunteers during the 2017 sesquicentennial Historic Plaque Program, identify gaps in survey coverage, and perform additional field survey to update existing information and expand coverage to the extent that funding permits.

  • PHASE 3 – Data analysis and report preparation

HRSF report will contain at minimum:

  • Building Inventory with metadata: address, approximate construction date, architectural style, integrity, exterior photo(s)
  • Recommended designation for each building
  • Collected research, particularly on candidates for PHLF or National Register
  • Mapping showing all surveyed properties and potential historic districts
  • Digital files


We propose the following schedule for completion of the project, to be monitored by the board of directors of Bona Fide Bellevue. Updates will be given at monthly meetings:

Notification of Award                                                              July 2019

Research and Preparation                                                      July – October 2019

Implement Process for Consultant Selection                      December 2019

Quarterly Report                                                                       January 2020

Complete “Phase 1”                                                                  January-March 2020

Quarterly Report                                                                       April 2020

Complete “Phase 2”                                                                  April-October 2020

Quarterly Report                                                                       July 2020

Quarterly Report                                                                       October 2020

Complete “Phase 3”                                                                  October – December 2020

Quarterly Report                                                                       January 2021

Review drafts/Database entry                                                 January 2021-March 2021

Quarterly Report, w/draft report                                           April 2021

Revision Period                                                                         April – June 2021

Quarterly Report                                                                       July 2021

Public Presentation “Live, Learn, Grow”                              August 2021

Project end date/final report due                                           September 30, 2021

* Bona Fide Bellevue is building a vibrant, connected community for future generations.Our purpose is to support growth in Bellevue through strategic partnerships in the community and region. It was founded to help realize the neighborhood’s potential. Through events, marketing, fundraisers, service projects, and educational opportunities BFB fosters economic and cultural prosperity. 


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