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“When Patricia Synan was just 5 or 6, she grabbed her best friend, sat her in a chair, and cut her waist length hair all the way to her ears. Her friend cried and cried. We knew she was going to be a stylist from then on said her sister Jill.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Operating since 1992, Patti’s Styling Salon has been drawing customers from Beaver Falls, Zelienople, Youngstown, Slippery Rock, Munhall, Moon Township, Upper St. Clair as well as the tri-boroughs area. In 2005, as business was booming, Patti needed some additional help in the salon and asked her sister Jill to lend a hand on a part time basis. Jill’s area of expertise was as a graphic designer, producing marketing materials, accounting, and preparing audits for a well-known, very conservative downtown accounting firm.

On her first day, as she was shampooing a client, the salon door flew open, and a passerby hollered into the salon, “How the hell are ya?” The clients and stylists responded in unison, “Fine!”  A short time later, the door opens again and another announcement made: “I lost 5 pounds.” “Great!”  Jill asked her clients and stylists, “Do you even know these people?” “No,” they all replied. She immediately embraced the spontaneity, the humane and relaxed atmosphere; it was a stark contrast to her work environment. She stayed with Patti in a supporting role.

In 2007 Patti and her family took a cruise; “The date was 07-07-2007; I call it the date that Patti went on vacation and never came back,” Jill explained to me. Upon their return, Patti, thinking she had bronchitis, went to see her family doctor. The diagnosis was lung cancer. Patti only visited her beloved “Shop” periodically until her death in November 2009. Jill has kept the salon open because “Someone had to do it. I could not put the girls out of work.” The “girls” are Joyce and Saida who have worked at Patti’s since its inception.

As an homage to her sister, Jill created a framed shadowbox containing a picture of Patti, “her favorite scissors,” and obituary. It hangs in the salon above Patti’s styling station. Jill is dedicated to keeping her sister’s joie de vivre and the spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere permeating the salon.  The girls take care of all of the beauty aspects, Jill manages the salon, taking care of all of the client scheduling, accounting, payroll, shopping for supplies, cleaning, and window decorating, etc. She also juggles her own full time home-based business.

The unbreakable bond between sisters lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Stop by and say hello to Jill, Joyce and Saida – they will be happy to meet you!


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