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Gay Gregg is the owner and operator of DANCE AMERICA!, and she is a pro. She has competed in local and international competitions taking top gold awards. Her teaching experience includes several dance styles including Ballroom and Country/Western.

DANCE AMERICA! is the Pittsburgh Region’s premiere Ballroom, Social, and Country/Western Dance Studio. DANCE AMERICA! opened in 1990 under Gay’s leadership. The whole reason for learning to dance is to be able to get on a dance floor and to feel comfortable and have fun. In terms of overall health, learning new dance steps improves cognitive function, improves motor function, increases strength and flexibility, improves bone density, promotes increased self esteem, increases feeling of well being, promotes relaxation, and helps eliminate stress and anxiety.

DANCE AMERICA! features a dance floor that is unique among the area’s dance studios. Their 2,900 square foot floating hardwood floor is designed with the student in mind.  It is padded to allow dancing for hours with greater comfort, thereby providing the perfect environment to learn and practice your dancing.

They offer combined group classes for students to have additional instruction and practice their newly acquired dancing skills or reinforce previously learned steps.

Group Classes are organized to accommodate students of all levels. (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Class size is limited to provide for a greater amount of personal attention.

Individual lessons are available for those students who prefer more focused attention than can be offered in a group class situation. Also, some students wish to focus on one or two dances, or may need to learn in a short time for a special event.

Are you planning the perfect wedding!?!  Remember to prepare for your 1st dance as husband and wife!

Make all your relatives and friends say ooh  and aah  as you glide around the floor!  (remember, the wedding video will show all – Not like a posed picture!)

Dance America! specializes in helping the beginner feel comfortable on the dance floor as well as the experienced dancer who wants something special for that first dance.

Learn to dance, have fun, and get fit in the process. Stop in and say hello to Gay. Lessons are scheduled from 10AM to 9PM. Monday through Friday, Saturday times are available by appointment.


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Lessons are scheduled from 10AM to 9PM. Monday through Friday, Saturday times are available by appointment.


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616 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue, PA 15202
(412) 766-8680


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